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Booking Information

All bookings require an in-person or virtual consultation.
The following fees are base pricing contingent on consultation and required services.
Local (Atlanta, Ga)
Locations more than 30 miles from I.L.W. Hair Salon, will require an additional travel fee. A two-week notice
is recommended.
 2- hour minimum- 5 hour maximum) for individual: $200/hr.
$50 additional person
(15-minute break required after 2 1/2 hours)
 6-8 hours (day rate): $1,500+

Flight/hotel/transportation costs are additional. A four-week notice is recommended for best pricing.
 2 hour minimum- 5 hour maximum $250/hr.
$50 per additional person
 6-8 hours (day rate): $2,000+
3-person maximum
(30 min break required every 3 1/2 hours)
If there are more than three people, an assistant is required, at an additional cost.

After the consultation, a booking contract will be sent detailing the service(s) and rates. A signed contract
and deposit are required to secure the booking date.
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